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Your Local Leonardtown, MD Coffee Roasters

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How We Roast

At Social Coffee Roasting, we take pride in our unique and artisanal approach to roasting coffee. Our process begins with carefully selecting high-quality, single-origin coffee beans from farmers around the world.

Once we have the beans, we use our state-of-the-art roasting machine to meticulously roast each batch to perfection. The San Franciscan 75 roaster allows us to control the temperature and timing of each roast, ensuring that we bring out the full potential of each bean. We love the versatility of this machine, which allows us to roast a wide range of coffee varieties and achieve consistent results every time.

Our Leonardtown Facility


Duke’s Fountain-Bar-Restaurant is a two-story brick commercial building on the corner of Fenwick and Washington Streets. Constructed in the 1920’s by Roland B. Duke, the building retains much of its original exterior including its storefront fenestration. A 1928 Sanborn Fire Insurance map notes that an auto sales showroom and grocery store were located on the first floor. The second floor was used as a hall for graduation ceremonies, parties, and other receptions as well as a bowling alley (unused but still in place). Today, the building is the new home of Social Roasters along with a variety of other businesses.